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29 January, 2014

Thai Flat Noodles with Tofu & Bok Choy (Pad See Ew)

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One of my favourite memories of student life in Boston is gorging on delicious plates of Pad See Ew noodles at a hole-in-the-wall Thai eatery in the dubious ‘Chinatown Food Court’ on Beach Street. Along with Pad Kra Pow, these noodles were an instantly gratifying Thai fix washed down with an order of sweet Thai Iced Tea.

Pad See Ew remains one of my favourite Thai dishes and as much as I have tried to recreate the Boston flavours from memory, I am yet to get it right. I think it is probably due to my restraint in adding unnecessary grease and a whole bottle of fish sauce in to my food. 😉

I had another go at Pad See Ew over the weekend and the result was yummy. Here’s my delicious recipe for a non-greasy, mostly vegetarian (except for the fish sauce) Pad See Ew for you to try when the Thai craving strikes again…so much healthier than a Thai takeaway.

Pad See Ew – Thai Flat Rice Noodles with Fried Tofu & Bok Choy

Serves 3-4



200g Thai flat rice stick noodles (available at your local Asian foods shop)

200g Fried tofu (available at your local Asian shop), cut into bite sized cubes

A handful of bean sprouts

A few Bok Choy leaves/Chinese Broccoli or any other greens.

Garlic 2 cloves, finely chopped

2 spring onions, finely chopped

1 egg (optional)

1 tablespoon, cooking oil

For the stir-fry sauce:

3 tablespoons, dark soy sauce

1 tablespoon, regular soy sauce

1 tablespoon, palm sugar

4 tablespoons, fish sauce

1/2 tablespoons, chilli oil

Toasted peanuts for garnish


  • Cook noodles as per packet instructions and set aside.
  • Mix the sauce ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Heat oil in a wok/pan and when hot, fry the garlic and spring onions for a few seconds.
  • Add the tofu, bok choy & bean sprouts and stir fry for another minute or so.
  • If using egg, create a well in the centre of the wok and drop the egg in. Scramble until the egg is almost cooked.
  • Add the stir-fry sauce and stir.
  • Add the cooked noodles and mix well.
  • Continue to add fish sauce, one spoon at a time until it suits your taste. It is easy to get carried away if you love the flavour of fish sauce but try not to empty the whole bottle in to your noodles.

Garnish with some toasted peanuts and serve hot with a side of Thai chilli  or Sri Racha sauce.






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  • veena Kalra
    February 1, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    Looks so delicious!

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