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5 March, 2014

NutriBullet: ‘The Superfood Nutrition Extractor’

NutriBullet: ‘The Superfood Nutrition Extractor’
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Today marks exactly one month of my love affair with the NutriBullet. I’ve juiced up a storm with fresh vegetables and fruit every morning and couldn’t be happier with this healthy new addition to my life.


Gorgeous fruit and veg ready for the NutriBullet!

I have had my share of bad luck with juicers in the past. They have been too bulky, tough to store and a pain to clean making it really difficult to form and sustain a healthy habit.

29 January, 2014

Thai Flat Noodles with Tofu & Bok Choy (Pad See Ew)

Thai Flat Noodles with Tofu & Bok Choy (Pad See Ew)
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One of my favourite memories of student life in Boston is gorging on delicious plates of Pad See Ew noodles at a hole-in-the-wall Thai eatery in the dubious ‘Chinatown Food Court’ on Beach Street. Along with Pad Kra Pow, these noodles were an instantly gratifying Thai fix washed down with an order of sweet Thai Iced Tea.

Pad See Ew remains one of my favourite Thai dishes and as much as I have tried to recreate the Boston flavours from memory, I am yet to get it right. I think it is probably due to my restraint in adding unnecessary grease and a whole bottle of fish sauce in to my food. 😉

10 December, 2013

Top 5 Foodie Gifts

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I braved the crowds at Harrods over the weekend and oh my goodness, what a nightmare!! There are way too many people out and about this time of year and I left Knightsbridge feeling extremely thankful for online shopping. 😉

My Top 5 Beauty Gifts blog last week was popular and I hope you all found it useful. Today, I am sharing some delicious foodie gift ideas. As you can imagine, it was quite a challenge to stick to a list of five as there are some fabulous options out there. I could have easily gone on and on and on…

12 November, 2013

White Bean & Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

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I am obsessed with Italian food and a classic Bruschetta is one of my many favourite dishes.

I love the simple pleasure of a tomato & basil bruschetta and had only ever made it this way until I saw celebrity chef (and my latest foodie crush), Gino D’Acampo make his Cannellini Bruschetta or what he refers to as ‘more than just posh beans on toast’. 😉

The thought of cannellini beans, cherry tomatoes and parsley on slightly charred ciabatta was super tempting and I couldn’t resist drawing inspiration from Gino (yet again!) for a yummy bruschetta lunch.