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23 May, 2013

Summer in my Heart

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11 degrees Celsius. Thick, dark clouds, rain and HAIL! Isn’t it almost the end of MAY?? Someone please tell me why I choose to live in London?

The best way to fight this miserable weather is of course, to escape it! But for those of us with no such fun in the sun plans, here are some ideas to make it feel a little bit like summer.

  • Host a BBQ – Nothing like freshly grilled corn-on-the-cob, a delicious burger and some Pimm’s to make it feel like summer. Who cares if it isn’t 28 degrees and sunny. You can sit and whinge all weekend OR throw on a jacket, call some friends over, fire up that grill and let summer in!
  • Fresh flowers – Pick up a bouquet of gorgeous Gerbera daisies (or whatever else makes you happy!) on your way home this evening. Instant mood-lift guaranteed!

Gerbera Daisies

  • Summer nails –  Get your nails done pronto and go in for a bright, summery colour to get yourself  in the mood! I am loving this sunny Zoya Natural Nail Polish shade!

    Zoya Natural Nail Polish

    Zoya Natural Nail Polish – Darcy

  • Buy a Bronzer – I hate the obsession with tanning salons in this country and simply despise the orange, fake tan look. A touch of bronzer on your face is a much better way to get that sun-kissed, just been on holiday, summer girl look. Ditch the sun bed and self-tanning creams and try this bareMinerals READY Bronzer instead.

    bareMinerals READY Bronzer

    bareMinerals READY Bronzer

  • Go for a swim – Yeah, it’s cold and rainy. So what?  Head to your local pool for a rejuvenating swim followed by some R&R  in the jacuzzi and sauna/steam room. You will feel great when you are done…at least until it is time to head back out and face the real world again!

These are some of my tips to brighten up this dreary London day. How are you shaking off the bad weather blues??


2 thoughts on : Summer in my Heart

  • Stephanie
    May 29, 2013 at 2:00 am

    To fight London blues, visit your good friend Stephanie in Canada 😉 xxx miss you!!!

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