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27 September, 2014

Burger & Lobster

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I try my best to avoid red meat. I’m not a fan of messy food. And, I don’t have the time or patience to queue for food. A few good reasons why Burger & Lobster was always overlooked as a dining option. Until now.

I finally had my first Burger & Lobster experience earlier this week thanks to a friend in town who had the popular chain of restaurants at the top of her London bucket list.

The Mayfair location was decided on as our meeting point and since Burger & Lobster don’t take reservations and there were 6 of us for dinner, I was prepared to wait. However, I certainly did not expect a 2 hour wait for a table. I mean, really? Who has this kind of time? And, is it really that good??

There was no way any of us were waiting that long (especially with cranky little R for company) so we decided to try our luck at the new Fitzrovia branch before quitting the lobster hunt. We were miraculously  seated straight away…it was meant to be!

Burger & Lobster have only 3 food items on the menu, each for £20: a beef burger, full steamed lobster & the divine lobster roll (juicy chunks of lobster meat served on a toasted brioche roll.)

Lobster without the mess? Yes, please!!


The burger, lobster and lobster roll are all served with a side of light Japanese mayo, crispy chips and a delicious green salad. A generous drizzle of the Japanese mayo over the lobster roll and one bite later, I was officially in love. It really is THAT good.


We were greedy and also ordered a full lobster for the table and although impressive and meaty (for £20!), I preferred the neat lobster roll.

It was a fantastic meal, totally worth the hype and not having to queue for it made it even better.  😉

For those of you across the pond, they are opening a Burger & Lobster in NYC very soon. Start spreading the news…











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