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8 May, 2013

In the Name of Beauty

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I am always intrigued by bizarre beauty fads from around the world. It is often a source of amusement and other times, just disturbing to see how far women (and men) can go in their pursuit of beauty and eternal youth. Hearing about these crazy treatments makes me wonder about if and where I would draw the line.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the anti-ageing ‘Fire Facial’ aka Huo Liao treatment being offered in Chinese beauty salons. Sounds hot, doesn’t it? Think again.

As part of this treatment, a ‘secret, special elixir’ is applied on the skin along with a towel soaked in alcohol. The towel is then set on fire for a few seconds, flames rise up and are extinguished with another towel. The treatment apparently fights wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful appearance. One can also treat other problem areas such as the back/legs AND can also tone down the stomach.

Tempting? No, thank you!

My friend and I once went for one of those scary fish pedicures, where your feet are immersed in a fish tank and teeny tiny, toothless garra rufa fish nibble and munch away on dead foot skin. I think that is where I would draw the line….for now!

What is the weirdest  thing you have done in the name of beauty??

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