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7 November, 2013

Body Brushing

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Judging by the enthusiastic response to my blog on Post-Diwali Detox, it is clear that many of you are craving a clean-up!

I am sticking with the detox theme today and sharing a simple tip that I learned on my recent spa break at the Thermae Bath Spa. My massage therapist spoke to me at length about trying the simple technique of dry body brushing to help the body’s natural detoxification process.

All you need is a long-handled body brush from Boots or your local health shop. Prices range from £6 for a Boots body brush to £20 for the Elemis brush pictured below.


Elemis Spa@Home Body Brush

Every morning before your bath, start at the feet and move the brush all the way up in short, sweeping motions towards your heart for a couple of minutes. Move it clockwise in the belly area and in the direction of the heart everywhere else.  Shower and moisturise.

This simple dry skin brushing technique is an extremely quick and effective way of boosting the body’s natural detox process. Not only does it exfoliate and swipe away dead skin cells, but also speeds up circulation and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system to work better –  excellent if you are struggling with water retention and annoying puffiness. As an added bonus, dry brushing makes the skin appear smoother and tighter and is known to eliminate pesky cellulite!

I have been dry brushing religiously before my bath for over a week now and the effect is noticeable.  It definitely wakes me up every morning  and the skin also feels smoother than before. I did break out into random spots within the first couple of days of dry brushing but I am convinced it was just the toxins being released. My thighs also feel strangely slimmer despite the Diwali binge so something has to be working, right? Let’s hope so!

Quick, easy and inexpensive, I can’t believe it has taken me this long to embrace such a healthy skin habit. Have been doing it day and night this week to give the body an extra detox kick! 🙂




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