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22 October, 2013

Vanilla & Saffron Kheer with Pistachio

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The weeks leading up to Diwali are always so fun and festive. Occasions are celebrated almost daily with a lavish spread of the most delicious food and sinful sweets. Kheer (rice pudding) is one of my favourite Indian desserts and the perfect way to mark a festival.

I haven’t really attempted Indian desserts before so I am quite proud of the Vanilla & Saffron Kheer I braved yesterday. The recipe is credited mostly to my mum but I have added a slight vanilla twist to the gorgeous saffron and cardamom flavoured pudding. The powdered pistachio, cardamom and almond sprinkle on top adds a lot more flavour. This recipe makes a big bowl of divine kheer and is a brilliant option for any upcoming Diwali dinners. 🙂

Vanilla & Saffron Kheer with Pistachio



2 cups cooked rice

3-4 cups milk

2/3 tin sweetened condensed milk, use the full tin if you want more sweetness

1 teaspoon, crushed cardamom seeds

Saffron strands soaked for a few minutes in warm milk

1 vanilla bean

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Raisins (optional)

For the sprinkle topping

15 pistachio kernels

1 teaspoon cardamom seeds

2 teaspoon powdered almonds



  • Boil cooked rice and milk with crushed cardamom seeds on a very low flame, stirring frequently.
  • Once the milk has thickened, add condensed milk & saffron. Scrape out the seeds from vanilla pod and add to the mix along with essence.
  • Continue to simmer on low flame until the flavours have blended and the kheer reaches your desired consistency. Add raisins at this point if you like.
  • For the sprinkle topping, blitz the pistachios and cardamom seeds in the food processor for just a few seconds. Stir in the powdered almonds and set aside.
  • Serve kheer warm or cold with a generous sprinkle of nuts on top.
  • Enjoy!



2 thoughts on : Vanilla & Saffron Kheer with Pistachio

  • veena Kalra
    October 22, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    yummy kheer!

  • rukaya essa
    April 1, 2017 at 7:12 am

    hi I tried it lovely flop proof

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