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18 June, 2015

Date, Almond and Cacao Power Balls

Date, Almond and Cacao Power Balls
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I’m back!! It’s been a crazy few months and it is hard to believe that my last blog post was back in March. Seriously. Where does the time go?

Unfortunately, my blog always takes the hit when life gets chaotic. This needs to change. I started writing this blog as a way to find my own little creative space where I could share my love for good food. It has always been a retreat from the madness of life as a working mum. I miss blogging!

It’s time to swing back in to action and I’m starting off nice and easy with a recipe I promised to share a long time ago!

22 October, 2013

Vanilla & Saffron Kheer with Pistachio

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The weeks leading up to Diwali are always so fun and festive. Occasions are celebrated almost daily with a lavish spread of the most delicious food and sinful sweets. Kheer (rice pudding) is one of my favourite Indian desserts and the perfect way to mark a festival.

I haven’t really attempted Indian desserts before so I am quite proud of the Vanilla & Saffron Kheer I braved yesterday. The recipe is credited mostly to my mum but I have added a slight vanilla twist to the gorgeous saffron and cardamom flavoured pudding. The powdered pistachio, cardamom and almond sprinkle on top adds a lot more flavour. This recipe makes a big bowl of divine kheer and is a brilliant option for any upcoming Diwali dinners. 🙂