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25 June, 2013

Strawberries & Wimbledon

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Wimbledon has begun!  Time for some fabulous tennis, bottomless pitchers of Pimms,  and lots of strawberries & cream!

strawberries and wimbledon

A quintessential bowl of strawberries topped with sweet cream is an irresistible obsession at the famous All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club AND many British homes at this time of year! No Wimbledon tennis experience is complete without it.


The Wimbledon tradition of eating strawberries and cream dates back to when the championships began in 1877. Strawberries were strictly seasonal then and only available around tournament time. Strawberries and Wimbledon soon began to signal the arrival of British summer!

Wonder if they had better weather back in the day? Hmmmm….

Hungry Wimbledon spectators consume 28,000 kilos (61, 730 pounds) of British strawberries and 7000 litres of cream over the exciting and often, rainy fortnight! That’s around 2000 kilos of strawberries a day!

As a Wimbledon resident, I LOVE the spirit and vibe in the air during this time of year.

Wimbledon Awaits


A warm welcome outside Wimbledon station. Gets you in the mood instantly!

Marks Food Hall

Marks & Spencer Food Hall @ Wimbledon.  Perfect spot to pick up classic British picnic essentials!


Pimms – yet another British summertime tradition. Currently on offer everywhere! 


Morrisons is Murrisons for this year’s Championships! Live screen set up at the Wimbledon Piazza by lovewimbledon for the first time!

Wimbledon has clearly begun and I am super excited for the next couple of weeks.

Another tradition in my home is the last minute hunt for tickets…fingers crossed we get lucky this year! Until then, I will be enjoying many  bowls of strawberries (without the cream!) in the comfort of my living room, in my famous neighbourhood!

Go Murray! Love Wimbledon!




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