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17 October, 2013

Hungry Eyes

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There are people who eat to live and then there’s those of us who live to eat. My fascination with good food doesn’t stop at eating. I must also talk, write and read about it every single chance I get.

I love food-lit and have a great selection of delicious cookbooks, healthy eating guides and food/travel memoirs scattered around my home. Flipping through these books is one of my favourite ways to switch off, unwind and drift off into a world where everything tastes heavenly and calories don’t count. 😉

There are some newly published foodie reads that I can’t wait to get my hands on so I thought making a list on Hungry Aphrodite would be a good way to share them with you AND make a note to myself for the future! So, here goes…

1. Mastering the Art of French Eating – Lessons in Food & Love from a Year in Paris by Ann Mah


This book was published last month in the US and I have finally managed to order it here in the UK. Like Julia Child, Ann Mah followed her American diplomat husband on a posting to Paris. He was called out to serve in Iraq for a year shortly after the move and Ann was left to discover the delicious city of lights all by herself. This book is a memoir of her culinary experiences in Paris and beyond. Doesn’t it sound so intriguing? I can’t wait to start reading it! 🙂

2. The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club by Helen McGinn


The title of this book calls out to me straight away. 😉 The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club started out as a personal blog where Helen McGinn shared her  wine wisdom with the world before publishing her own book. I love my wine but, am quite clueless when it comes to selecting a wine, the right food & wine pairings, the various regions and other jargon. This book intends to serve as a guide to wine for women like myself! Quite a useful read, don’t you think?

3. My Little French Kitchen by Rachel Khoo


Rachel Khoo became popular last year with The Little Paris Kitchen, her BBC show and first cookbook. Her specialty is simple French food made for a city kitchen. Rachel Khoo’s recipe for Poisson Meuniere (Fish with Lemon & Brown Butter Sauce – click for recipe!) is DIVINE and one of my favourite meals. She has just released a new book called My Little French Kitchen where she steps outside her tiny kitchen in Paris and shares recipes and experiences from the French countryside. Yes, I am a Francophile and I want this book!!

4. The 5:2 Diet Book by Kate Harrison


It seems everyone is losing weight on the 5:2 diet these days. Fasting for 2 days and feasting for 5 days sounds totally manageable, doesn’t it? The 5:2 is the fad-diet of 2013 and of course, I can’t wait to read all about it. Definitely, keeping this book in mind the next time I am in need for some healthy inspiration!

5. Gino’s Italian Escape by Gino D’Acampo


I recently tried out Gino’s Bucatini Carbonara (click for recipe) and it took me back to Rome! Gino’s Italian Escape promises to ‘help you eat like you’re in Italy.’  The simplicity of Gino’s delicious carbonara is super tempting and I can’t wait to see if his other recipes are just as easy and divine.

So, there you have it. The top 5 foodie reads that have caught my hungry eyes this month. Which book would you grab off the shelf first?




2 thoughts on : Hungry Eyes

  • veena Kalra
    October 17, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Great! Keeping informing us with interesting stuff! look forward for your blogs every week!

    • Reema
      October 17, 2013 at 2:21 pm

      So happy that you are enjoying it! 🙂

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