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30 April, 2013

Dreaming of Tuscany

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On this day, exactly one year ago, I experienced beautiful Tuscany for the very first time. I still vividly remember the long drive from Bologna to our villa at the Castello di Casole, through those spectacular green hills and vineyards. An unforgettable holiday spent with our lovely family enjoying delicious food and wine at the most luxurious  Tuscan villa – pure bliss!

I love to travel and Italy ranks high up (if not, at the top!) of my favourite destinations list. Food, dessert, wine, art, fashion, design – the Italians always seem to get it right, don’t they? From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the striking Amalfi coast, Italy never ceases to amaze me.

During a stroll through the town of Siena in Tuscany, I came across Erbario Toscano, an Italian brand creating natural, therapeutic products using plants associated with the Tuscan countryside such as lavender, olive, rose and citrus. Erbario literally means, herbal. And of course, the herbal junkie in me was like a kid in a candy store upon this discovery!

I left Erbario Toscano with my beauty loot of olive oil based products. The fragrance was pleasant and not too olive oil-y which is great. The products are as effective as they smell and luckily, Erbario Toscano delivers to the UK and many other parts of the world – Hooray!

If you find yourself in Siena, do make it a point to visit Erbario Toscano to take home some fragrant reminders of Tuscany. I use Erbario products quite often and am transported back to my beautiful Tuscan holiday each time….

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